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Planning your loft conversion: A how-to guide

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When debating a loft conversion for your home, you might be wondering where to start. There are several things to think about before you can start the process of your loft conversion, and it is important to be organised to help things run smoothly! We have devised a list of the things you need to plan before you get started, ensuring that your loft conversion can go forward without a hitch. Ensure that these things are in place, and you are one step closer to that coveted extra space.

Can your space be converted?

Before you do anything, it is important to know if your loft can be converted. There are several factors that contribute to the possibility of your loft becoming fit for the use of an extra room. This includes having enough floor space, the ceilings being high enough, the angle of your roof and the opportunity to install a staircase. These factors go towards receiving a loft space that is comfortable to live in.

Do you need to obtain permission?

When preparing to start any works on your home, loft conversion or extension, you need to be aware of any permissions that you may have to obtain. You may need planning permission, permitted development, and a party wall letter. There are various circumstances in your conversion that will require these things, but an expert loft conversion company can handle any permissions that arise.

Decide on the type of conversion

There are more than ten loft conversion types to benefit your property. An integral part of planning your conversion is choosing the right type for your home, and what it can provide you with. A dormer conversion is one of the most common, and is ideal if you are somewhat lacking in space. A mansard conversion can provide you with a wall at full ceiling height, offering you more freedom.

Plan your budget

Knowing what your budget is during the planning stage of your loft conversion will allow you to make decisions that are in line with what is possible for you. You will know which type of conversion you can benefit from, as well as setting yourself a contingency budget for any extra costs during the project. There are ways you can save costs during the loft conversion, and luckily we have some tips.

Plan out an ideal timeline

Having an ideal timeline in mind is helpful for your project. It will allow you to plan the trajectory of your conversion, having timings in mind for when each aspect should be completed. You could also communicate this to your loft conversion company, letting them know your expectations so that there are not frustrations later down the line. You will also find out if this is possible.

Find a company you are comfortable with

One of the most important parts of your loft conversion process is being comfortable with the company you will be working with. Ensure that they have the relevant experience and expertise, and that you are aware of their qualifications. One of the best ways to find out if they are the company for you, is to have a look at their past projects in other homes.

At Touchstone Lofts, we pride ourselves on being the company that people feel comfortable inviting into their homes and trusting us with their loft conversions. We complete your work to the highest standard, communicating with you and providing you with a space of which you are proud. To benefit from our services, call us on 0800 881 8194.