Staircase options

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The staircase is an important part of your loft conversion and there are a number of regulations surrounding its installation. It’s important you work with a loft conversion company that can advise you on the appropriate building regulations and install a suitable staircase for your property.

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Your loft conversion staircase options

Your staircase will be designed and made so it is bespoke to your loft conversion. It will be designed when the floor structure is in place, in consultation with you.

These are the main staircase options that will be available for your new loft conversion:

  • Straight stairs
  • Single wind
  • Double wind

The normal width of a staircase will be 700-850mm but it’s possible to make it 650mm if necessary. We will be able to fit your staircase around your existing layout and will find an option to suit you.

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Loft conversion staircases and building regulations

Staircases need to comply fully with building regulations in order for the loft conversion as a whole to be approved. These are some of the main considerations:

  • Handrails and headroom – minimum distances will need to be met
  • Vertical spindles – a 99mm gap is needed between them
  • Rise, angle and head clearance – 2m is standard
  • Landing areas – these need to be a minimum size before the staircase and at the top of the stairs

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