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Are you seeking a way of expanding upon your current Birmingham living space? Here at Touchstone Lofts, we may have the answer. Throughout our 30 years as loft conversion specialists, we have been able to transform homes throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands, from West Bromwich to Earlswood, with bespoke loft conversions. As experts in design and delivery, we are able to combine your requirements with our high-quality ideas and knowledge to produce a stunning, bespoke loft space that provides your Birmingham property with the additional living area that you are seeking.

Allow your home to reach its full potential, no matter its size, shape or location. From bungalows and pre-war homes to semi-detached and fully detached Birmingham properties, our high-quality team withhold the skills, knowledge and tools to create your very own bespoke living space within the walls of your existing home.


Award-winning loft conversions in Birmingham

We have been recognised for outstanding quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service by the Federation of Master Builders in their Master Builder of the Year Awards, Southern Region.

In addition, we are proud to have been recognised as finalists in the ‘Best Loft Conversion’ category in the 2020 Homebuilding & Renovating Awards.


Claim your free loft conversion design appointment in Birmingham

Claim your free design appointment – you’ve got nothing to lose. It’s worth £600, but we offer this service for free, with no obligation. Discover the possibilities, explore the options and find a loft conversion that will suit your way of life and your Birmingham home. Contact us to set up your free appointment.

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Types of loft conversions for Birmingham homes

Loft conversions in Birmingham

Why should you consider a Touchstone Lofts loft conversion for your Birmingham home?

When it comes to your Birmingham loft conversion, choosing the right team may seem challenging. At Touchstone Lofts, our team of loft conversion specialists are here to ensure that you are confident with your choice in us. We are an all-round team consisting of experts in all fields, from plumbing and heating, to build and installation, and so will manage each of our loft conversion projects in Birmingham from end to end.

The level of attention to detail carried out by each member of our devoting team is one of the factors which sets us apart from any other in our field. We can willingly guarantee that with a Touchstone Loft conversion in Birmingham, you will receive nothing less than exceptional quality. To back-up the pride and confidence we have in our work, we offer a 10-year guarantee on all conversion styles.

Converting your loft will allow extra room to be created within the walls of your exiting home and with the knowledge our team withhold, you can be sure that your new space will be bespoke, matching your requirements and stepping away from the standard design and build pattern seen carried out by other loft conversion companies throughout Birmingham.

Whatever your visualisations or requirements, put your trust in the hands of our knowledgeable and experienced team who can design and produce a unique loft conversion in Birmingham, custom designed to you and your preferences, whilst allowing your home to feel complete as one.


Loft conversion planning permission in Birmingham

Planning permission can always be a worry for homes looking to convert their attic spaces. Getting it wrong can lead to additional costs and delays. Our experienced team withhold the knowledge required to work through any planning permission or building regulation requirements, and with a 98% success rate in successfully gaining planning approval, you needn’t let the worry put a halt to the plans for your dream home.

Transform your Birmingham home with a stunning loft conversion





Want to convert your Birmingham loft?

If you have made the decision to convert your loft, but don’t know where to start, give us a call on 0800 881 8194 where we will be happy to help.

Storage inspiration for your loft conversion in Birmingham

Rooflight velux loft conversion

Bookcase storage in loft conversion

Storage under stairs

Loft conversions in Birmingham

The positives of a Birmingham loft conversion

Ground floor extensions cause a large level of disruption and intrusion to occur within your family home. By converting your already standing loft into an additional living space, the build work is able to be eliminated whilst having our team work on the highest floor of your home will also mean that disruption is kept to a minimum, allowing you to carry on with your day-to-day lifestyle as normal.

Depending on the complexity of your loft conversion in Birmingham, the timeframe from design work to completion may be faster than you think. Whilst loft conversions create a way for the formation of additional living space without causing disruption to the entire household, they also prove to be the cleanest, fastest and safest way to increase the size of your home.

Homeowners are often under the misconception that if the footprint of their Birmingham home is unable to be expanded, they are incapable of creating the additional space that they are seeking. By altering the space within your already built home, you are able to simply and effectively convert your unused loft into a unique area, designed and built custom to you and the requirements of your household.

A new living space on the top floor of your home allows untold amounts of light to enter, creating a space which becomes a physical breath of fresh air. From bedrooms and en-suites, to playrooms and studies, the ways in which loft conversions are utilised throughout Birmingham vary from home to home. The options are endless, so you really can afford to think outside the box and make yours original.

Your loft conversion in Birmingham  questions answered

Have a question about loft conversions in Birmingham? We’re happy to help. Read our answers to the questions that our customers frequently ask us.

How long does a loft conversion in Birmingham take?

Depending on the size and type, most loft conversions in Birmingham take around 12 weeks.


Will I need to move out during the project?

No – it’s safe to carry on living inside your Birmingham property. We work from the scaffolding before the stairs go in. Any disruption you experience will mainly come from noise.


Where will you place our new staircase?

We will be able to fit your staircase around your existing layout and will find an option to suit you. If possible, we will try to fit your new staircase over the existing staircase so that it fits seamlessly within your property.


Do I need planning permission for a loft conversion in Birmingham?

This depends on your location and type of property – all flats require planning, but if you live in a house that isn’t in a designated area, then permitted development is usually used and no planning is required. There are many other factors to take into account and one of our surveyors can advise further.

How much does a loft conversion in Birmingham cost?

Most cost between £30,000 and £50,000. This depends on the size and type – bigger and more complicated jobs take longer and therefore will cost more. See pricing information for further details.


What is a party wall agreement and do I need one for a loft conversion in Birmingham?

A party wall agreement (PWA) is required if you have a semi-detached or a terraced property and you are working within or near your neighbour’s boundary. We can advise when the surveyor visits.


Does a loft conversion in Birmingham add value to a home?

Yes – it will add from 20% to 30% upwards depending on the size, design and type.


How much head height do you need for a loft conversion in Birmingham?

If you have a clear head height of 2m then a loft conversion in Birmingham may be possible. Our surveyor will need to assess this to confirm.

Loft conversions in Birmingham

What’s possible with your loft conversion in Birmingham?

These are some of the build possibilities you might want to consider for your loft conversion in Birmingham:

Explore our 2,000 square foot showhome

If you are curious to see how a loft conversion could work for you, visit our showhome and spark your imagination. With 2,000 square feet of display space filled with a variety of useful examples, such as staircases, bathrooms and our range of Velux windows, you will be leaving with a mind full of ideas to put into a plan for your own bespoke loft conversion. To find out more, or to book an appointment with us, call 0800 881 8194.

What can be achieved with a dormer loft conversion in Birmingham



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Are you considering extending your property, look no further, whether you are looking for a ground floor rear extension, side return extensions or even a double storey extensions, our 30+ years’ experience in the property conversion business with service you well, take a look at our extension options here.

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