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Loft conversions are a brilliant way to extend your home and add value to your property. An extra room will never go unused and could improve your way of life! If you’ve been considering a loft conversion, but you’re unsure if your space is suitable, there may still be ways around this. There are solutions that can be achieved even if you have a low ceiling in your loft conversion. If you’re wondering what these might look like, keep reading.

How much head height is recommended?

In a usual loft conversion, the recommended amount of head height is 2.2 metres at the highest point. With building work and insulation, this will usually provide around 1.9 metres of living room once the conversion is complete. If you don’t have this kind of headspace then, what is the solution?

The solution: Low ceiling loft conversions

There are ways around a low ceiling in a loft conversion, and this is something we’re experts in! It’s important that a loft conversion still complies with building regulations and provides a usable space at the end of the process that prioritises practicality. This could consist of minor structural alterations, simply making the most of the space that you have available. Although this could result in a lower ceiling height, there are plenty of uses for a loft conversion where reduced ceiling height is not really a problem, such as:

Games room

Having a games room for avid gamers may mean that you require less head height, as it’s unlikely that you will be walking around too much in a room for this purpose.

A walk-in wardrobe

If your loft conversion is being used purely for storage purposes, albeit luxurious storage, head height might not be too much of a problem.

A guest room

A guest room is one that isn’t used that often, and there is the option of beds that reside low to the ground. This can mean that lower head height doesn’t have too much of an impact.

The details of a loft conversion with a low ceiling

The optimal solution when investing in a low ceiling loft conversion is for there to be as little structural alterations as possible. This will minimise both the cost and the length of the build. Making the most of your existing head height will provide you with a usable space to make the most of. There are also other structural methods to take, such as either lowering the existing ceilings or raising the ridge.

What types of loft conversion can be provided with low ceilings?

The types of loft conversions that can be options for you when looking for a low ceiling loft conversion are:

These loft conversions will be dependent on the amount of space you have available in your home and your attic. Our experts will be able to discuss with you the options when they conduct a home survey, allowing you to find out the kind of loft space you can benefit from when working with your low ceilings. Plenty of our past customers have taken advantage of our services even when it seemed as if the job could be impossible, such as Julie:

“Touchstone managed the almost impossible! We were told by 3 other companies that we wouldn’t be able to convert our loft due to low ridge height, but Paul and his team not only managed it they’ve made a beautiful space for my daughter. Very professional and courteous staff, nothing was too much trouble. Issues discussed and resolved quickly. Would highly recommend.”

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