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When converting a loft into a liveable space, storage is something that people are often concerned about preserving. The loft is often used as the place where Christmas decorations, unwanted knick-knacks and forgotten furniture are banished to. So, when this space is transformed and no longer available for as much storage, what do you do? In your loft design, it is a clever idea to include as much storage as possible, and there are handy ways you can do this that you may not have known about. Find out our top ways to maximise your storage space in a loft conversion.

Build knee-height shelving

In many loft conversions, there will be space between the floor and the ceiling that isn’t high enough to stand up in. This space is perfect for storage, and instead of potentially making the space feel smaller with a chest of drawers or a trunk of items, shelving could be the answer. Shelves don’t have to be at shoulder-height or higher, having them at knee-height is a great way to make the most of the unused space and still make a design statement.

Make the most of the eaves

A loft conversion rarely takes up the entirety of the loft space – there will be a perimeter left unused which is called the eaves space. Creating a small door in the room through which to access the eaves will provide you with an inconspicuous storage from within the room, but a fair amount of space in which to store everything that you were keeping in your loft previously. This also doesn’t invade any of the space in your newly created room.

Follow the ceiling slants

The best way to maximise storage in a loft space is to work with the slants that the new ceiling is giving you. Creating built in furniture that follows the slants will allow you to integrate more cupboards and drawers in the space. There are many little items that can be stored in the small space at the top of a ceiling’s slant, so if your cupboards go up this high, it isn’t wasted space but a good use of available storage.

Utilise your staircase

Your staircase is space that shouldn’t be overlooked. You can create built in shelving throughout your staircase that allows for books and other things that you may not have room for in the newly built space. This can make sure that your new bedroom or office doesn’t feel cluttered, and yet your items will still be easily accessible just by walking out onto your staircase.

Incorporate under-the-bed storage

If you’re feeling like you don’t have enough room for all your belongings, it could be the case that you invest in a bed that includes under-the-bed storage (an Ottoman). This is undetectable storage, and these beds simply lift up and there is an abundance of space underneath. This can help you store bedding, blankets and more, saving you from having these bulky items out on display or taking up room in a wardrobe.

Consider the type of loft conversion

To maximise the amount of storage you will be able to benefit from, you could think about investing in a type of loft conversion that extends the ceiling to full height. This includes mansard dormer loft conversions and hip to gable conversions. The extra space provided here with a higher ceiling means that you can benefit from built in furniture that spans the entire wall or include freestanding furniture that otherwise may not have fit in the space. This means you can house many more of your items.

If you’re wondering which loft conversion type will offer you the most space for storage, or you’re looking for design advice when it comes to including storage from the outset, come to our team at Touchstone Lofts. We are experienced in understanding what you need and providing it within our designs. Get in touch with us on 0800 881 8194 or email