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Converting your loft into an additional living space is an exciting venture, but when it’s all completed and you have an empty room with a bright future, how will you decorate it? There are a variety of design trends that you can follow, ready to suit whatever use your new loft space is used for. Whether you decide to have a home office or an extra living room, interior design can sometimes be intimidating! Following these decorating ideas could help you transform your new space into a designer’s delight…

Lean into the natural light

If you elected to have a rooflight, Velux or dormer loft conversion, as well as others, your new loft room will be flooded with gorgeous natural light. Why not take advantage of this? Circulating your design around the natural light will make your space feel large and airy, which is beneficial in a room where ceiling heights may be lower than usual. Choosing a light colour palette along with organic materials such as light woods and jute rugs will make your space feel like a serene paradise.

Use nature as inspiration

More and more, designers are using nature as their inspiration for living areas. Earthy colours like rich browns and terracotta’s give a homely feel, as well as warming up a space rather than using cool neutrals. Incorporating house plants and nature-inspired materials, such as marble in your en-suite or clay wall colours can bring the outside world into your space. This helps in creating a calming environment for your new loft conversion.

Experiment with textures

Textures can make a massive difference to a space. Without differing textures, your room can look flat and lifeless, so ensuring that your décor maximises surface feel will create a thoughtful space. Experimenting with plush rugs, textured cushions or a wooden, ridged desk can bring characterful elements into your room, elevating it to the next level. It’s also an opportunity to show some personality through your décor, and make the room come alive!

Have fun with paint

Making a statement with wallpaper is a classic technique used frequently by designers, however, this can be expensive and difficult to change in the long run. Playing with different paint techniques can transform your wall from a plain block of colour to a feature wall with personality. Have fun with painting patterns onto your wall or a simple mural with different coloured paints. This can help separate your room into sections, and it is easier to change when you’re looking to re-decorate.

Maximise the space

In a converted loft space, your extra room could sometimes feel a little cramped. That’s why it’s a good idea to design your floor space with efficiency in mind, making the most of any available corner. This may include designing built-in furniture to utilise every nook and cranny, helping you create storage opportunities conveniently. You can also express yourself through the built-in furniture you choose, and it contributes to a seamless design throughout your home.

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