5 reasons to convert your loft into a home office

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During the pandemic, a lot of office-based employees found themselves switching to a working from home setup. Now that the pandemic no longer has much of an impact on our day-to-day lives, many people still use their working from home setup for at least part of the week. If this sounds like the position you are in, it’s about time you had a proper office space in your home. A dedicated space will aid in your productivity, as well as helping you keep a balance between your work and your personal life. Here are five reasons why you should convert your loft into a home office.

Benefit from natural light

With the new windows installed in your loft conversion, you will likely benefit from the most amount of natural light in the whole property. With the option for windows to be on an angle (rooflights), this will let in an abundance of natural light no matter the time of day. Natural light can help you with your productivity and can make you feel more positive for your working day ahead. As opposed to working in a box bedroom with a small window.

You won’t have to sacrifice an existing room

When pushed into the prospect of working from home, many people had to repurpose their existing rooms to create a makeshift home office. Doing this long term could mean that you have had to give up a bedroom. While this may have been convenient temporarily, it is not a convenient solution. Creating a home office in your loft space will allow you to separate your work and home life, and award you with an extra bedroom again.

Separate from homely distractions

Shut away and secluded in the loft space, you may find it easier to switch off from the demands of your household. Working in the kitchen, or a bedroom for example, could mean that the washing up or the laundry catches your eye, and you get distracted from your office work. A dedicated space which has distance from your everyday household could help you to distinguish between your tasks, helping you have productive working days.

A warmer environment

As we all know, heat rises, and many people report their converted loft space as being warmer than the rest of their home. By having your home office in the loft space, you could potentially be less reliant on your central heating bills, with your home’s residual heat rising into your loft space. As you will be spending a lot of your time in this room, it makes sense that you would have your home office in the warmest room of the house.

Versatility within the room

The beauty of a home office is that it doesn’t generally require too much furniture. Due to this, you could choose to adorn the room with an additional sofa. As well as providing some comfort for you during a lunch break or as a change from your desk chair, you could also think about making this a sofa bed. This offers you the option to have more guests, with the opportunity to transform your office into a spare bedroom with minimal effort!

If you’ve decided to treat yourself to a brand-new home office, your loft conversion will need to be completed by the experts. This is where we come in at Touchstone Lofts. Our team will consult with you to find out exactly what your wishes are, and we will create a loft that makes your working experience like it never has been before. Give us a call on 0800 881 8194 or email sales@touchstonelofts.co.uk.