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A loft conversion is a valuable addition to any home, and it can improve the life that you live within that property, giving you an increased amount of space to spread out! When you’re planning for a loft conversion, there are going to be more costs than simply the building work. This is something that people often don’t account for, and it’s important to include these factors within your budget to see whether your loft conversion is attainable.

The building control fee

A Building Control Fee comes into effect when the plans for your loft conversion are submitted to the Building Control company. They will cast their eyes over the working drawings, at the same time checking the structural calculations and design plans for the loft conversion. In addition to this, they will visit the property during key points in the construction, such as the build of the staircase. They will conduct a final inspection, and issue you a certificate for your records. This is another cost to account for that’s separate from the build costs.

Certificate of lawfulness

Although this is not legally required, it’s highly recommended as it can offer you long-term benefits after your loft conversion is complete. The purpose of a certificate of lawfulness is to prove that every part of the construction carried out during your loft conversion was lawful. This can be beneficial when it comes to selling your property, as the certificate can be presented to give evidence that the work on the home was lawful. This could help you close the sale on your home, so it’s a good investment.

Building regulations approval

It’s important that your loft conversion receives building regulation approval from the local authority. Your loft conversion company will often take the responsibility of obtaining this approval, but it’s something that will cause more costs, and so should be taken into account when you’re devising your loft conversion budget. Your loft conversion plans will be inspected by the local authority or a building control officer to obtain these approvals.

Your décor plans

The loft conversion doesn’t stop when the construction work is done! Then comes the time when you must decorate your new space. This will incur costs during the painting process, as well as purchasing new furniture and decorative items for the room. Although you can find ways to do this without spending a lot, it’s important to include it in the initial budget when planning your loft conversion, so that it doesn’t catch you out at the end of the process.

The initial design

Depending on your company, you may experience an additional fee for the initial design of the loft conversion. Your construction company will be able to discuss with you the fees for designing your new loft space, allowing you to include it in your initial budget. Here at Touchstone Lofts, we can provide you with your designs free of charge. These designs are worth £600, which is just one of the reasons why we are the company to work with on your new project.

During an initial conversation with you, we can guide you through the different elements of a loft conversion that you will need to budget for, helping you plan for your new project. We are the experts to come to when considering a loft conversion – get in touch with us today on 0800 881 8194 or email