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Milton Keynes has a population of around 240,000 and is in the county of Buckinghamshire. It is a relatively new town, which was dreamed into existence during the 60s, one of several areas in South East England built to relieve housing congestion in London. A very well-planned town, and also one of the largest of the “British New Towns”, Milton Keynes has “stood the test of time far better than most of the new towns” according to Wikipedia thanks to advice from Californian urban theorist Melvin M. Webber who thought the concept of a town centre nucleus was outdated and that areas of the town should be arranged in a grid like fashion, and therefore easy to travel from one district to another by car. His vision proved to be very far sighted as far as resident’s needs were concerned, and the grid like layout of Milton Keynes works very well in these days of ecommerce and advanced telecommunications.

Milton Keynes boosts one of the largest covered shopping centres in the UK, with three miles of shopfronts and 230 stores.

We can do a loft conversion for you.

Local Show-House

Touchstone lofts have invested in creating a Loft Showhouse which is very local to you in Milton Keynes. You can view your loft conversion at this showroom. Here you can see four different loft conversions, stairs, “Velux” windows, Dormers, four bath/shower/wet rooms.

You can view the dormers internally and externally, you can see the extra headroom a dormer can add to your loft conversion in Milton Keynes.

You can see the quality of finish and look at the variety of options you can have for your loft conversion. At the local showroom you can look at the various storage options that may be suitable for your loft conversion. Here we can show you eaves storage and storage in your bedroom where we can create areas for you to store your clothes and shoes.

The showhouse is open by appointment only and your surveyor can discuss full details when he visits your home for your free feasibility study. Bring the children and come for a coffee and a no obligation friendly chat and we can answer all your technical questions.

Commuter’s Paradise

Milton Keynes is an attractive location for commuters, but it should be noted many residents of Milton Keynes are also locally employed. Major national and international companies have moved to Milton Keynes including Abbey, Argos, Mercedes, and BP. The Open University and the University Centre Milton Keynes make it a popular location for students, and being a young town, the population is also young.

Milton Keynes prides itself as a town that offers affordable housing and a fast commute to London, making it in style with couples who cannot afford to buy a home in London but who want to continue working in the capital.  The distance from Milton Keynes to London’s Euston station is 44 miles and the journey takes just over half an hour on a direct route. Trains run every few minutes with a staggering total of around 133 trains going from Milton Keynes into London every day.

Housing Stock

Housing in Milton Keynes is arranged in segments, with an equal mix of starter homes, family-size multi bedroom houses and small retirement flats in each section. This creates a diverse but even range of age groups, family sizes and incomes in each grid section of the town.

Most of the properties in Milton Keynes were built in the 1960’s, and as a result most homes comprise trussed roof construction. This type of loft conversion is a speciality of Touchstone lofts, and we are very experienced in trussed roof conversions having completed may loft conversions in terraced, semi-detached and detached properties in Milton Keynes.

English Partnerships introduced a first-time buyers’ initiative scheme in Milton Keynes, helping buyers with up to 50% of the purchase price. New housing has a strong emphasis on energy efficiency. But not all the housing is recent in Milton Keynes, as apart from the 1960s properties, there are still places where you can find quaint old thatched cottages in the region.

Why Touchstone for Your Milton Keynes Loft Conversion?

During the last three decades, Touchstone lofts have converted many lofts in Milton Keynes giving property owners with growing families extra living space. Most of our clients come to us as a direct referral which pleases us immensely as we feel it shows we are doing a great job.

When you contact us, we will ask you the best time for us to visit your home to do a survey of your property. Once there, we will complete a detailed study of your loft and find out exactly want to achieve with a loft conversion. When we have this information, we can advise you on the best type of conversion depending on the property and your budget, and provide a free quotation.

Our in-house staff will take care of every aspect of the work from design, to plumbing and of fitting the conversion. We do all the work ourselves and no part is outsourced, which means we can complete the work to a consistent high standard.

In the event it might be necessary, we can arrange planning permission and deal with official paperwork on your behalf.

Contact us on 0800 881 8194 or via our contact form to arrange a time for a survey at your convenience. A loft conversion in Milton Keynes not only gives you more living space, it will also increase the value of your property, giving a significant ROI.

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