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In the heart of London’s thriving real estate market, homeowners often find themselves facing a familiar challenge: the quest for more space. When seeking to expand your living area, loft conversions are a popular choice, offering a valuable solution to the city’s space constraints. Among the myriad loft conversion options, the mansard dormer loft conversion emerges as a promising way to transform your attic into a functional and stylish living space.

This blog is your guide to understanding what sets the mansard loft conversion apart, its distinct characteristics, and how it compares to other loft conversion styles available in London. Talk to our loft conversion specialists to discuss your requirements now. Call 0800 881 8194 to get started!

What is mansard dormer loft conversion?

A mansard dormer loft conversion is a sophisticated and space-efficient method of expanding your living area by skilfully reconfiguring your attic space. This particular loft conversion style involves raising the party wall and gently sloping the roof to create a flat, box-like structure at the rear of your house. It’s characterised by its distinct design, which provides ample headroom and versatility to transform this newfound space into an additional bedroom, office, or any other purpose you desire.

Mansard dormer conversions are highly sought after in London, especially in densely populated areas where maximising space is paramount. The flat roof and vertical walls of the mansard design not only create a spacious interior but also allow for the addition of large windows or even a balcony, flooding the room with natural light.

The unique and aesthetically pleasing mansard design often blends seamlessly with the existing architecture of London homes, ensuring that the loft conversion not only provides additional space but also enhances the overall look and feel of your property. This style is particularly popular in areas with strict planning regulations, as it can often be more easily approved than some other loft conversion types. So, if you’re considering a loft conversion in London, the mansard dormer option is undoubtedly worth exploring.

Other types of loft conversion in London

In London’s diverse architectural landscape, you’ll find a range of homes, each with unique features and potential for loft conversions. Here are the main types of loft conversions you can consider:

Dormer loft conversion

An extension with a flat roof and vertical walls, which adds space and light to your loft.

Hip to gable loft conversion

Ideal for hipped roofs, this type transforms the sloping side into a vertical gable, creating more room.

Rooflight or Velux loft conversion

Involves adding roof windows for natural light, perfect for lofts with limited space.

Trussed roof conversion

For homes with trussed roofs, this type reconfigures the structure to create additional living space.

L-shaped dormer

This combines a rear dormer with a side dormer, providing a substantial expansion.

Low pitch loft conversion

Suitable for roofs with shallow angles, it still offers a practical solution for extra room.

Semi-detached house or end of terrace loft conversion

Tailored loft conversions that consider the unique features of these properties.

Pre-war home loft conversion

Loft conversions for older homes, often requiring special planning considerations.

Bungalow loft conversion

Transform your single-storey bungalow home into a two-storey with a loft conversion.

Mansion apartment loft conversion

Elegant solutions for converting mansion apartments with a loft in London.

Mansard loft conversion vs. other types: Deciding on the right one

Space maximisation

When comparing the mansard loft conversion to other types like dormer, hip to gable, or L-shaped dormer, the mansard style excels in space utilisation. Its box-like structure allows for maximum headroom and versatile use of the loft.

In contrast, dormer loft conversions also provide added space but with sloped walls, whilst hip to gable and L-shaped dormer conversions may offer less space in some scenarios due to their specific designs.

Aesthetic appeal

The mansard style seamlessly integrates with your home’s existing architecture. This is equally applicable to properties in London where maintaining the original aesthetic is vital.

Other types such as rooflight or Velux and low pitch loft conversions may not blend as harmoniously with your property’s exterior, potentially impacting its visual appeal.

Planning permissions

Mansard loft conversions often have advantages when it comes to planning approvals, particularly compared to more extensive conversions like hip to gable and L-shaped dormer. These larger-scale conversions may face more significant planning challenges due to their impact on the structure of your roof.

Cost considerations

Mansard loft conversions can be slightly more expensive upfront than rooflight or Velux conversions, making them a more substantial investment. However, the added space and long-term value of mansard conversions can offset the initial costs, whereas rooflight or Velux conversions may be more cost-effective but provide less living space.

At Touchstone Lofts, the mansard dormer loft conversion cost starts from around £48,000. However, our loft conversion experts would prefer to analyse your property and requirements and provide you with a personalised estimate. Get yours now!

Property type

Mansard conversions are adaptable to various property types, including semi-detached houses and terraced homes. In contrast, conversions like hip to gable and L-shaped dormer are more suited to specific roof types and may not be as versatile for different property layouts.

Therefore, understanding your property’s unique characteristics and how they align with the benefits of a mansard loft conversion is crucial when comparing the available options.


In the dynamic city of London, where space is at a premium and architectural diversity is celebrated, the choice of a loft conversion is no small matter. Our exploration of the mansard loft conversion and its comparison to other styles has provided valuable insights. Whether you envision a mansard, dormer, hip to gable, or another type, your decision should reflect your home’s individuality, your space requirements, and your budget considerations.

Ultimately, the goal is to enhance your living experience, create additional room for your family, and increase the value of your property. The decision is yours, guided by your unique circumstances. We hope this blog has equipped you with the knowledge and perspective to embark on this exciting transformation and choose the loft conversion that best suits your London home.

Let us at Touchstone Lofts know what kind of loft conversion you envision for your property. We’ll advise you on the right style and make sure the work is completed with quality workmanship and efficacy. Find out how you can do a self-site survey on your property and contact us for further help.