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A loft conversion is one of the ways to use every inch of the space available in your home and make room for more storage. As people are getting inclined towards aesthetics and using every inch of the space, the demand for home renovation has multiplied. It gives interior designers a chance to explore their creativity while enhancing the storage space in your abode.

However, an important question that arises when talking about loft conversions is: what is the cost of loft conversions, and what is the timeline for loft conversions from start to finish?

In this article, we will be discussing the timeline, costs, and other factors that you must consider before investing in home renovation.

Types of Loft Conversions

Different types of loft conversions are available to make your home look more polished and spacious. Some common categories include:

  1. Dormer Loft Conversions

    If you are living in a small space but want to add more dimension to your home, you can choose dormer loft conversions. You can add more value to your property by choosing this affordable alternative. This loft gives you extra headroom with added space for an ensuite.

    The unique point of a dormer loft is that it can be installed in different positions, including the rear, front, and top of a property.

  2. Hip-to-gable Loft Conversions

    This loft conversion adds more space by extending the roof outward. Hip-to-gable loft conversions use the additional space and are suitable for terraced and semi-detached properties. The gap in the roof is filled, and the roof is extended from the existing ridge. Installation of a window in the extended section can bring an increased amount of light into the loft space.

  3. Roof light or Velux loft conversions

    It is the most inexpensive form of loft conversion and is 25% cheaper than dormer lofts. It does not add any additional elements to your property but elevates the space by transforming what is already present under your roof.

    As there are not many additions when using the existing space, the construction time is less, and properties undergo minimal alterations. These loft conversions brighten up your space by helping natural light reach your attic without any hindrance.

    A loft conversion gives a new look to your property and helps manage the space better. You can contact an expert from Touchstone Lofts to convert your homes in the UK into a better and more spacious property. Our experts will analyse your property and help you understand how to make better use of the available area.

Loft Conversion Start-to-Finish Timeline

The timeline to complete loft conversions depends on multiple variables, including project size, type of conversions, and challenges faced during conversions. However, on average, a project can be completed in 6–12 weeks.

The entire process of loft conversion is divided into different stages. Here is a list of common stages.

  • Designing
  • Planning
  • Structural calculations
  • Selecting a builder
  • Project initiation

In addition to the common stages mentioned above, the type of loft conversion also impacts the entire timeline. For example, roof light or Velux loft conversions can take up to 5 weeks, while if you opt for dorm lofts, they can be completed within 4 weeks.

Pricing for Different Loft Conversions

The cost of loft conversions depends on the services you choose and how skilled the workforce is who is doing the renovation. Experts in this field will quote higher based on the projects they have completed. However, to give you an idea of the basic pricing, the rates are mentioned below.

(Note: The prices are for properties in the UK and VAT; ensuite charges are not added)

  • Dormer loft conversions– Starting from £50,000
  • L-shaped dormer loft conversions- Starting from £60,000
  • Mansard dormer loft conversions- Starting from £60,000
  • Hip to gable loft conversions– Starting from £55,000
  • Rooflight or Velux loft conversions- Starting from £40,000

Tips to Manage the Timeline

Renovation and construction projects usually take time as you have to collaborate with different stakeholders, such as contractors and labourers. This may cause a delay in the process, and your dream of getting a heavenly abode on time might get disrupted. However, following the tips mentioned below can help you keep an eye on the project’s timeline and reduce the chances of delay.

Set realistic Expectations

Knowing the timeline for project completion will help you. It depends on the type of loft conversion you are selecting for your home. A roof light loft conversion may take 4-6 weeks, but the timeline will change if you choose a hip-to-gable loft conversion. Therefore, set realistic expectations with respect to the construction timeline so you don’t lose your nerves during the delay.

Communicate with the Contractor

Communicating with your contractor about the project completion timeline will help them understand your expectations. You can also visit the site and schedule regular check-ins to see the progress. If there is a delay, talk about it with your contractor. A proper conversation will help both of you be on the same page.

Implement Project Management Strategies

Breaking down the entire project into small phases can help track the progress better. Identify your non-negotiables first and then ensure those phases are completed on priority to avoid a slowdown.

Choose the Experts

Always choose professionals with expertise in loft conversions for your dream home. Ensure they have a clean track record of completing the project on time and within budget.


A loft conversion journey requires careful consideration of the timeline, costs, and the specific type of conversion chosen. Whether opting for any of the options or not, understanding the stages involved is crucial. Managing expectations, effective communication with contractors, and strategic project management are key to minimising delays. By choosing experts and staying informed, you can transform your attic into a functional and stylish space.

Following the tips mentioned above will help you get your attic converted into a versatile space within the timeline. Get clarity on the loft conversion and start-to-finish timelines by connecting with experts at Touchstone Lofts.

Your dream space awaits!