Juliet Balcony

A Juliet balcony got its name from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet play, the romantic origin and the name comes from the famous balcony scene in Verona.

The balcony is fitted to the exterior of the dormer and essentially acts as a barrier against a set of internally opening French doors. There is no walk out terrace.

Glass Juliet balconies are very popular as they add light and space to the design of the loft room and give the room a European feel. They create an extension of the outside and increase the viewpoint from the room.

There are many design options available with many standard sizes available and of course any bespoke design can be ordered with a longer lead time.

Externally balconies improve the look of the dormer as they break down the size and dominance of the roof, and they improve the overall appearance of the dormer.

Juliet balconies can be fitted without major structural alterations. They have to be fitted by a trained fitted and safety is number one factor. The glass used is safety toughened and is building regulation compliant when fitted to manufacturer’s instructions. The height of the balcony is 1100mm minimum which is a building regulation requirement. The widest possible is around four metre, where internally bi-folding doors would be fitted.

There is an option bar which is made of anodised aluminium and there are a few colours to choose from. Frameless balconies where there is no bar on the top are very popular as you get a clear view out of the French doors.

Maintenance is easy, the glass is easily cleaned and even in the unlikely situation the glass is replaceable without the need for scaffolding.

Planning permission is not required for a balcony and is considered to be a “Permitted Development” in most locations unless you live in a designated area. Please contact our sales team for full details and costs.

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