Design & Build Process

For every loft conversion we work on, we have a proven design and build strategy that ensures your loft conversion is not only carried out efficiently and as quoted but also to schedule.

Legal Information

Loft conversions works in the UK come under the control of the UK government.

Information on all aspects of the legal requirements can be found at

It covers the main areas of Planning Permission and Building Regulations.

They also provide an excellent Mini Guide which you can download as a PDF.

The different stages of a loft conversion include:

Surveying Your Loft

When you enquire with us, we will arrange a day and time that suits you for one of our loft conversion specialists to visit you at your property and survey your loft space. It is during the site survey that you will be able to discuss the different loft conversion options with our representative tradesman and confirm your expectations for your loft conversion, including any design features such as balconies, staircases, lighting, and Velux window installation.

At Touchstone Lofts, our loft conversion surveys are complimentary and come with no obligation. Typically, a site survey will take around an hour to 90 minutes, however, we recommend allowing up to two hours, just in case. At the end of your site survey, our loft conversion specialist will provide you with a quote and confirm all the details of your conversion to ensure everything has been included.


Once you have confirmed all the details of your loft conversion and agreed on the price quoted by our team, we will enter into a contract that specifies what work we will be doing and our responsibilities, as well as the confirmed fixed price so you don’t receive any nasty surprises later down the line. Once the contract has been signed, we can begin the design and planning process. If you have any queries regarding the contract you’re provided with, it is important you raise them before signing the contract.

Designing & Planning Your Loft Conversion

Per your requirements, our team will provide you with a drawing of your loft conversion design as well as a fully comprehensive plan, confirming each stage of the build. It is during this stage that we will be able to specify deadlines for each stage of the project and you will be able to make any final changes to your design. Fixtures and fittings will be outlined in the design and planning phase of your loft conversion so if you would like any additional plug sockets, for instance, make sure you let us know.

Party Wall Agreement

If you live in a semi-detached or terraced house, you will require a Party Wall Agreement to be signed by your neighbours before any work commences. A Party Wall Agreement is simply an agreement that communicates the changes being carried out to your neighbours and specifies how it will affect their property – usually, a loft conversion will have no effect on a neighbouring property, however, a loft conversion on a terraced or semi-detached house may require the wall of the neighbouring property to be cut into so a beam can be placed or damp proofing carried out. In most cases, minimal disturbance will be caused by a loft conversion, however, a Party Wall Agreement helps to ensure that your neighbours understand the loft conversion process so no complaints arise at a later stage.

Insulating Your Loft

One of the first practical stages of a loft conversion is insulation. During the insulation phase, your loft will be fully insulated using high-quality insulation materials to ensure that the loft is as warm as the rest of your home. Some homes already have insulation in the loft while others (especially older properties) have no loft insulation – either way, this will need to be topped up and padded further to reduce heat loss in your property. Proper insulation will guarantee your loft conversion is as energy efficient as it can be, helping to keep your heating and, consequently, your energy bills down.

Fire Safety Procedures

When converting your loft, fire safety is a massive undertaking. It is essential that mains powered smoke alarms are installed in your loft conversion – in addition, you will need to consider the escape route should a fire occur, such as a practical staircase, and additional fireproofing such as changes to the floor in your loft and, occasionally, fire-proof partitions to reduce the risk of fire spreading should anything happen. During your loft conversion, you will be briefed on all aspects of fire safety.

Transforming Your Loft

Once the important safety and energy efficiency assurance stages of your loft conversion have been completed, the actual build of your loft conversion will begin. During this stage, your loft will be converted from a hollow box to an attractive, usable space in your home – meeting all your desired specifications. Also, it is during this process that staircases, balconies, lighting, and Velux windows will be installed. By the time we’re finished with your loft conversion, you won’t recognise it.

Completing Your Loft Conversion

Once the bulk of the work on your loft conversion has been completed, a representative tradesperson from our team will show you around your conversion to ensure that nothing has been missed. Each stage of work will be explained thoroughly to ensure that you know exactly what you’re getting for your money. During the completion stage, we’re more than happy for you to check every detail of your loft conversion so everything is up to scratch and meets your requirements – you won’t be disappointed. Once your loft conversion is completed, you may be contacted to provide feedback.

To get the ball rolling and arrange your complimentary, no-obligation site survey, please contact us.

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