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We offer free loft conversion surveys* – they’re usually worth £600! Book yours now and our qualified surveyor will visit your property so that they can tell you what we can achieve with your loft space. All appointments are no obligation – you’ve got nothing to lose. Just fill in our form and we’ll be in touch to arrange a convenient time for your survey.

* Our drawings relate to a scaled hand drawn sketch layout plan to indicate the potential space available in your loft and does not constitute CAD architectural plans

Self Site Survey Form


Please refer to the plan below and supply as many of these following as you can using the green upload button:

Ground floor and externally.

If possible, take photos in wide angle on your phone

  • Front elevation of your home, taken from the pavement and from the other side of the road, please ensure we can see the whole house and immediate neighbours too.
  • Side elevations, both side if detached.
  • Rear elevation taken from your garden showing rear walls and windows and roof
  • If your immediate neighbour has a loft conversion, please send photos of that too please.
  • A photo of the inside from the front door, please take one where the stairs begin.
  • If your stairs begin in a lounge, please take a photo from there please.
  • Please share any photos of boiler and tanks

From the first floor

  • Please provide various photos from different angles of the landing area - shown by the symbols on the attached plan.
  • A photo from the rear bedroom(s) window(s) of the rear garden, include any of your roof if visible from the window.
  • If your adjacent neighbours loft conversion is visible from and windows, please send photos of these.

In the loft space

  • Please provide some photos at various angles showing the loft-space and roof ridges
  • MOST IMPORTANT - the ridge height X is the highest position and Y is the measurement up to the ridge board – please send a photo of where you measured to.
  • Any tanks in the loft or anywhere else in your home.
  • Please mark up on the first floor plan any chimneys that are in the middle of the loft, (not chimneys that are on or very close to external or party walls), please send sizes and location if the chimney is to be retained or removed.
  • Anything you may consider useful, like an area of damage or roof sagging etc. We know this is not an easy place to take photos so please just do what you can.


Measurements required

We need to know the footprint of the first floor and the location of the stairs. Please see the above plan. This is a typical layout and the plan is like estate agents plans. Please measure a,b,c ,d and e.

In the loft please measure from the floor joists to the highest point to - “Y” and the ceiling height on the first floor “X”.

Tell us your dimensions:

Your quote will be as accurate as we can possibly do, under the circumstances, and we will call you once we have these details if we have any queries. This loft survey should take less than 20 minutes. We will reply to your survey with 72 hours.