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Can My Loft Be Converted?
Loft spaces exist on your house to support the roof pitch. If you did not have a pitched roof and had a flat roof, you would not have space over your ceiling.

Over the years as property prices have increased and lifestyles have changed, we now require more room in our homes. Moving home to add bedrooms is very expensive. That's where some bright spark came up with converting this un-used space for wonderful living accommodation. Most lofts can be converted. The only usual requirement for loft conversions is head height. There is no real minimum but around 1.5m is essential so we can explore all avenues.

An experienced consultant from Touchtone can provide a free quotation and discuss what can be achieved in your wasted space. The most surprising observation will be the location of the new stairs, you will be amazed at how we can normally add these without and loss of useable space in your existing home.
Trussed Roof, Can My Loft Still Be Converted?
Since around the 1970's trussed roof were becoming more common. The usual larger rafters and purlins were replaced by this building system for a variety of reasons. Trussed roof are cheaper and quicker to erect when building a house. This is a great cost saving for a house builder so trussed roof are very common and almost the only way new home are built in the UK. If you have a trussed roof in your loft you are presented with a lot of smaller roof supports that take up most of the space in your loft. These modern homes also rarely have supporting walls within the boundary of the house.

The supporting walls are the perimeter walls only. This therefore usually presents a problem to the homeowner who cannot fathom how all this very important support system can be removed without his roof falling in. Step in the clever builder, oh yes we are not modest, Touchstone Lofts, the structural engineer, lots of very clever builder and hey presto! The whole space a re-supported and built out to provide wonderful living space for your family. Trussed roof loft conversions are a large part of our work so please invite us in and lets show you what we can do for you.
What Type Of Loft Conversion Would Suit My Property?
A loft conversion is very specific to the property and very much depends upon the individual requirements of the homeowner. The may be limitations to what can be done with each property as there may be certain planning or space, access restrictions. For a typical Victorian terrace or a 1930's semi, there are a variety of options available.

If space allows you could create two bedrooms with a shower room or one single master suite with dressing room and en-suite. Our Consultant will listen to your requirements and advise accordingly on the possibilities open for consideration, We can also provide layouts and schemes for you to look at.
Do I Need Planning Permission For An Attic Conversion?
Planning permission is rarely required for a loft conversion in London but there are various situations where Planning is always required for a loft conversion.

These are:

      - When the property is a flat or maisonette.
      - When the property is listed, in a conservation area, green belt or an area of outstanding natural beauty.
      - The rules on Planning are complicated in conservation areas and the consultant can advise on the specific conditions.

Most loft conversions are permitted developments so a "Letter of Lawful Development" can be applied for which is a legal route for your loft conversion. Even if you have existing extension a loft can still be a permitted development. We have all the expertise to advise and undertake all the planning for you. Our consultant can advise on the best process for you. We have successfully taken all types of project from inception to full planning including top floor of large mansion blocks and loft conversion projects to flats and apartments in large apartment blocks.
Do I Need Building Regulations?
Building regulations are building standards that have been set by the government currently Building Regulations 2010 plus amendments.

In order for your works to comply a building regulation company checks the work done by the builder and then provides certification for the works. An electrical certificate and a structural calculation is provided. The building inspector visits the works at various stages and checks the works against the plans provided.The main areas that are checked are, structures, insulations, electrics, plumbing and fire regulations.

The Building Regulation document is essential when you are selling your home, as the extended building will require this certification. If the works are carried out without building regulations the extension is not considered as part of demise and there not valued as part of your home.
What If I Have A Very Low Ridge Height In My Loft, Can It Still Be Converted?
We are a low ridge height loft conversion specialist. This means we can normally convert your loft even if your existing ridge height is 2m without lowering your ceilings.

Most Loft conversion companies do not even consider your loft conversion unless the existing ridge height is 2.4m. Over the many years of converting lofts we have worked closely with our various professionals and building control developed a system that allows to undertake this type of conversion. If you have a low ridge loft we can come in and assess your project in detail.
Do I Need To Get Any Drawings Done?
Touchstone take your project from a simple idea and design and can provide you a full service. We can take care of the whole project from initial designs to drawings, planning applications, building regulations, full build and certifications. we have the full plumbing service too, see next section.

Our electricians can update your consumer unit and if needed update your electrics to the latest 17th Edition and a full compliance certificate is provided. We provide drawings for planning and for your information, we can also provide three dimensional computer designs so you can visualise your works.
What About My Water Tanks In The Loft?
If you have tanks in your loft these will need attention as we need this space to create your amazing new living space.

There are a number of options open to us depending on various other factors. The tanks are normally removed and a new combination boiler can be fitted or the tanks can be replaced by converting to a pressurized system. If you have low pressure we also have various solutions open to us. Coffin tanks and pumps are not really suitable as they are a continual maintenance issue.
Why Should I Choose Touchstone Loft Conversions in London?
Touchstone Lofts are a specialist loft conversion company. We are a Which? Trusted Trader, an affiliation that has undergone a rigorous and detailed assessment of the company and its customers.

We are also a national prestigious award winning company for "Outstanding quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service." In addition we are members of government endorsed "Trustmark" scheme and "Fairtrades" and "Guild of Master Craftsman." We cover all areas of the capital - see our North London, West London, South London and East London pages for full details. Our most recent projects include converting a Twickenham loft to a home office, a loft conversion in Kingston-upon-Thames creating TV and study room for the family teens, and converting a loft in Wimbledon into two extra bedrooms and a small bathroom. As you can see, our experience is wide and varied, and we are committed to superior quality and great results.
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Touchstone Extensions

Touchstone Extensions have all the required expertise from planning to permitted developments and can design, plan and build your extension and take care of all the whole process.

Touchstone Plumbers

Touchstone Plumbers in London are more than plumbers, we can do all plumbing works and compliment the service with other trades such as carpentry, roofing, electrics, brickwork and much much more.