Loft Designs

In addition to standard loft conversions, we also offer loft design services to ensure you make the most of your renovated loft space.

Loft Balconies

Adding a balcony to your loft is the fantastic way to increase the amount of outside space available in your property or simply take advantage of a brilliant view outside your master bedroom window. Especially attractive in urban areas and on contemporary properties, we can create a loft balcony with enough room to house a small table and chairs – the perfect spot for some breakfast while you watch the sunrise.

It’s important to keep in mind that adding a balcony can reduce the amount of usable space in your loft conversion, however, our loft conversion specialists will work with you to ensure your space is taken full advantage off, guaranteeing a wow factor. As balconies involve changes to the exterior aesthetics of the property, typically, a loft balcony will require planning permission.


Usually, the loft space in a property can be very dark and dreary which is why it’s important to think about lighting during your loft conversion – it’s much easier to think about this at the beginning of your project to ensure all electrical rewiring and structural work can be carried out effectively during the early stages of renovation.

Adding skylights to your roof may be the best way to ensure floods of light in your loft conversion, however, there are also an array of innovative lighting solutions available that can be installed as part of your loft renovation. Spotlighting is a particularly popular choice in contemporary properties as it gives a soft finish to the room – perfect if you’re using your renovated loft as a master bedroom or snug. Classic hanging lights can also be installed for a traditional finish.


An incredibly important aspect to think about when planning your loft conversion is accessibility. Some property owners choose to install a fold-away ladder when having a loft converted, however, in most cases, this is only practical if it is young children using the ladders or if you don’t plan to use your converted loft space on a daily basis. Typically, you will want to install a practical and aesthetically sound staircase for easy access to your loft conversion.

A classic straight staircase is a fantastic option if you have plenty of room available in your hallway, however, spiral staircases are also popular choices and great if you have limited hallway space available – allowing you to utilise the space as best as possible. During the consultation phase of your loft conversion, you will be able to discuss options for accessibility, including staircases, with our team of loft conversion specialists.

Velux Windows

Particularly popular in modern properties, Velux windows are an incredibly practical and stylish addition to every loft conversion. Danish window specialists Velux are famed for their large, contemporary-looking windows that open fully, allowing you to take maximum advantage of the views surrounding your property.

Better still, Velux windows are available in an array of sizes which means you can choose a size that’s suitable for you and the look of your house. Velux windows allow floods of natural light into your converted loft space and sit seamlessly on the exterior of your property with a flush finish for maximum aesthetic appeal. If you like the idea of adding natural light to your loft conversion using Velux windows, speak to a member of our team.

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