Types Of Conversions

“Velux” Rooflight Loft Conversion

Velux Rooflight

A roof light loft conversion is a loft conversion that only adds roof lights to the slope of the front, rear or side elevations roof without any other roof alterations taking place.

A roof light can typically be a branded product like a Velux roof light.

A section of the roof is removed and strengthened, flashing kits fitted and a roof light window is then fitted. There is usually no planning permission required as this is normally a “Permitted Development”. If you live a designated area, planning permission may be required.

There is no dormer built in this type of conversion, the other works required in a typical loft conversion are still required. These include structural strengthening of the floor, roof and a staircase.

A roof light conversion is usually feasible if the initial head height in your loft space is good e.g. over 2.5m. An en-suite may be possible depending on the size and heights of the loft space.

Roof-lights loft conversions can be cheaper by around 10-15% as a guide.

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Dormer Conversion


A dormer loft conversion is a conversion that requires a roof extension. The roof is extended creating more volume to the internal roof space thus creating a bigger living space than the original loft space.

There are various types of dormer but the most popular are flat roof, pitched and mansard type dormers.

The main reason a dormer is added to a roof is to create a lot more liveable space in the new loft conversion. The roof is typically extended from the ridge outwards to the rear. If your existing roof is a hipped roof, you can conversion can be called a “hip to gable loft conversion”.

Most dormer loft conversions are “Permitted Developments” unless your property is in a designated area e.g. a conservation area, if your property is listed or in a “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Creating extra space in your roof space allows an en-suite to be more feasible as well as much more headroom and thus a more viable living space.

The construction of the Dormer is usually a structural steel and wooden frame that is clad in tile or slate to the face and cheeks. The flat roof dormer we do in GRP fibreglass which we can offer a twenty year guarantee.

The finish of the dormer can also be rendered, leaded or even brick depending on your tastes, local planning requirements, most requirements here are to match existing materials.

Windows are fitted to the rear elevation of the dormer, this can also be a French door with a Juliette balcony and a roof light on the flat roof which can add light to the new stairs.

Dormers are often thought of being boxy and unattractive but this is not always true, especially if we build them. A well built and finished dormer that has been thoughtfully designed will add to the character and look of your property. A dormer will add significant value to your property, up to 25% so a dormer loft conversion is a wise investment.

A mansard loft conversion is similar to the above Dormer loft conversion and are popular in London.

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