Loft Conversions Streatham

streathamStreatham first attracted its residents in the eighteenth century when the healthy properties of the Streatham Wells became known. With the Streatham Park and Streatham Common inspiring leisurely walks and picnics, this is the perfect get-away from the hectic city of London.

Streatham Common is a Local Nature Reserve that also includes The Rookery, a formal garden laid out on the site of the historic Streatham mineral wells. During the warm summer months, the sloping lawns of The Rookery are transformed into an open-air theatre, offering productions the whole family can enjoy.

During the inter-war period, Streatham established itself as the “West End of South London”, in other words, a hot-spot for entertainment. The Streatham Hill Theatre, the local ice rink and the Locarno ballroom attracted people in search for a night of good tunes and performances.

Since 2013, families and sports enthusiasts can make use of the Streatham Ice and Leisure Centre which consists of a gym with 100 work-out stations, a four-court sports hall, a large ice rink with 1, 000 rink side seats and two indoor swimming pools.

Improve Your View Over Streatham

Traditionally, lofts and cellars are used for storage. It seems rather a silly to keep a space with so much potential unused. Just imagine the possibilities! Your excuse might be that your loft has no windows and is too dark to make it liveable. Touchstone Lofts can offer simple and economic solutions to this problem.

In order to make your loft inhabitable, you don’t necessarily need to opt for a full-blown extension. Touchstone Lofts’ Velux Rooflight Loft Conversion does not involve roof extensions or dormers. By simply adding one or several Velux branded roof lights, the natural light will open your loft space right up, making it an attractive space for a bedroom, office or playroom. This is an ideal option for people living in semi-detached houses where dormer conversions can be more complicated if not prohibited. The Velux Rooflight will allow for stunning views over Streatham!

Other Loft Conversion Solutions

If the problem in the loft of your Streatham house is not only the lack of light but the lack of space – particularly headroom – then dormer conversions might be an interesting option for you. Touchstone Lofts can offer dormer conversions with a pitched roof, a pitched roof with a gable or a flat roof. The newly created space will allow for en-suite bathroom and a dressing area, or any other ideas you might have to make use of the newly acquired space.

Start packing up your boxes of junk collecting dust in your loft and start planning your conversion with one of the experienced builders from Touchstone Lofts!