About Us

Touchstone Lofts is part of a larger group of companies that originally started in 1986. Still family owned and operated and employing over 50 people we take pride in our standards of work and ethical beliefs.

You’re In Safe Hands

At Touchstone Lofts we have completed every type of conversion there is from the simple Velux to the enormous 20 metre conversion involving hips converting to gable.

Each and every job is taken as a design challenge, where we offer ideas to help and maximise your new space and help meet your budgets.

We are not a builder in disguise, we don’t do extensions, windows or conservatories, we only do loft conversions.

We believe that customer satisfaction is the key to the success of any company and all employees share that simple fact.

We do not sell on our jobs, we are not an agency, and all work is controlled by this company from start to finish.

We do not use salespeople nor do we pay commission to our consultants, fully trained hands on experienced project manager will attend your appointment to offer you, all the help you need to decide on your loft conversion investment.

Mission Statement

Touchstone Lofts are a specialist loft conversion company that provides a premium bespoke loft conversion at a competitive and fair price and focuses on excellent customer care.

The loft conversion will be design and quality led. The overall finish will be to seem like the loft was built with the original house design and the materials used and the labour used will be of high standard and all employed will be respectful and caring in their work and manner to customers.

Why Choose Touchstone Lofts

  • You will deal with the same person from day one to final snagging.
  • You are dealing with a company that specializes in loft conversions and has over 20 years experience in lofts not a general builder.
  • Our design team and structural engineer work on loft conversions exclusively so their experience and expertise will give you the best job on the market.
  • You get a 3-D drawing showing various elevations for your perusal.
  • You will receive a more personal service from a highly experienced expert in loft conversions- not a multi-builder who does jobs that come their way.
  • Our standard specification is more extensive than all our competitors.
  • We use architect and structural engineer that specialises in loft conversions.
  • You have a direct telephone number for you to use if you have any queries 6 days week.
  • Site foreman is customer friendly who deals with any day to day matters.
  • We use the same electricians, plasterers and plumbers for every conversion to ensure our high quality jobs.
  • We are clean and tidy.
  • We are on site every day and do not leave the job to do other work.
  • We use high quality materials that ensure a quality build.
  • You can arrange to meet the building inspector yourself.
  • You can view our work and talk to satisfied customers.