4 Examples of Unique Loft Conversions

Loft conversions in London and other busy metropolitan areas are often undertaken simply to increase the amount of space in a property. That’s a great reason for having one, but some people have taken the concept a little further, creating loft spaces which make the mind boggle and the heart yearn. Here are some of our favourites.

The Climbing Wall

What do you do when you’d like the kids to spend less time watching TV and surfing the internet? Build an indoor climbing wall, apparently. One family fitted out their loft with just that by using thick plywood and an ungodly number of nails to build a vast climbing area. They then added foot and hand holds before placing a few layers of under padding beneath a carpet. This doesn’t just prevent injuries – it also created a readymade mat for sleepovers.

The Boat

Unless your home sits on very shaky foundations, it’s similarity to a boat is probably pretty minimal. One man decided that was time to change, and decided to convert his loft to feel like the cabin inside an old sailing ship. He painstakingly changed the angle of the attic’s walls without sacrificing their structural integrity, cut a new entranceway, and finished up by painting the boards in a nautical theme. He even added a porthole on the doorway.

The Photography Set

Daniela Majic wasn’t the first person to create a loft space which catered to artistic inclinations, but few have carried the idea off with such aplomb. As part of an on-going series dubbed ‘Secret Garden’, she painstakingly crafted sets within her tiny loft. Majic viewed each one as an art installation, and created incredible garden sets which seemed like they’d bloomed in the lushest areas of the great outdoors.

The Home Cinema

Just as Majic took home studios to a whole new level, one unnamed voiceover actor allowed his love of film to push him well beyond the bounds of the traditional home cinema. Contractors were brought in to connect high-tech electronics, touch-panel controls, and even floor-level LED light strips. The centrepiece is a two-part, 12-foot sofa. The owner decided that he just had to have it – despite the need to construct a whole new staircase for bringing it up.

Loft conversions aren’t just about boosting the amount of space in your home. They’re also a perfect way to bring a bit of your own personality to the property, and craft a place which is made exactly for you.